Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow...we need to start giving this little sassy boy trouble. He has become quite the little stinker. Sawyer hates to be teased, he only likes to hear the honest truth. Sawyer is very particular...if you dont say something perfectly right he will correct you in his squeeky little voice. Last night we were going swimming and Jared told Sawyer that he liked his shorts, Sawyer said in his squeeky voice, "they arent shorts, its a swim suit." or he got a new mohawk and if anyone says I like your haircut, he gets upset and says, "its not a haircut its a mohawk." or if you tease him that his name is Bob he says, "Im not Bob, Im Sawyer." He is not a very friendly little guy and likes those who are around him alot. Chase, one of Jared's friends, was here helping dig on the jumps in the back yard and the tractor was getting too close to Sawyer and we were telling Sawyer to move out of the way....Chase grabbed Sawyer and tossed him in the air (which Sawyer hates more than anything), Sawyer got so mad at this stranger throwing him in the air, he wound up and hit Chase right in the face. That is my little boy, he is very serious with no joking around. We were at the bank one day and I asked the lady for a sucker and she said they were out, Sawyer got so mad at the lady, he was yelling at her and pointing his finger at her saying "dont you say that" over and over. He sometimes embarasses me because he tells people exactly what he thinks in a not so friendly way. He is a very fun little boy.....I just wanted to write a little about his funny personaliy at alomst 3 years old.

Happy Birthday!!

A woman of great wisdom, always willing to teach me anything, willing to give me an hour on the phone with whatever i need help with, and always full of love for everyone. She has a great talent making me feel like the most special person in her life... and I know each and every person feels that when they are around Helen. We love you and are very lucky to have you as our mom and grandma!!

Basketball 2011

Basketball this year was really fun to have the boys on the same team. When one would make a basket they would be so proud of their brother, giving a hug or a high five. They love basketball so much and they are getting so much better being aggresive, getting the ball, getting rebounds, gurarding their guy, and shooting any chance they got. SO FUN!!

Kids at Play

The other day, all the kids went outside and started playing football...these moments are rare! My boys don't play games well with eachother, one is thinking the other is a cheater or being a baby... what ever it might be I needed to take a picture of them all playing a game and having fun. One day my boys will be friends right?

Bike Jumps--Let the fun begin!!

I am going insane with the amout of dirt going on at my house...this week we have had 3 different tractors changing the jumps completly and a bunch of Jared's buddies working out the new line. My house is full of dirt because the kids are rolling down the jumps...they are having a blast, I really do love it when kids play in dirt...they have so much fun getting dirty.

Pine Wood Derby 2011

This is the last year of Pine wood derby for Kaleb and the first year for Gabe. It is so fun to see the energy the boys get when they go to the race. Kaleb won the "Best Paint Job" and Gabe won "1st place." Gabe's car didn't loose a race, it was awesome!! It was funny because after the races were done, Kaleb started racing his car backwards and it was winning the races, it was a fun night for the boys.

Happy 7th Birthday Savannah!!

My little angel is 7 years old now.....I can hardly believe it. I just want to write some little memories of my sweet little girl over the past year. Savannah is the sweetest girl in the whole world....she also has over the past year become more dramatic with stomping her feet when she is told no and teasing her brothers. Kaleb says " mom, she teases me and I cant do anything about it because she is a girl" Savannah thinks she needs to be playing with someone every second of the day, if there is just one day that goes by without a friend to play with she thinks she never gets to play. She started 1st grade this year and it was a challenge for her and I. I am not kidding when I say she cried every day when I dropped her off, as I was walking out of her class room, I would have to run because I was in tears before I got to my car. This went on from September until January....I had to start the tough love because it was killing me, so I told her she would be grounded from playing after school if she cried anymore, the tears stopped from that day on. I think she was playing me the whole time. Savannah has been begging for her ears pierced for about 2 years now, Jared was not wanting to have his little girl grow up. At Christmas time we took the kids shopping at the mall and she was begging the whole time we were at the mall. The tear came and the "please dad"....she got her ears pierced and has loved them. She changes her earings multiple times a day. She was spoiled on her birthday, she got an American doll from us, we took her to lunch at Olive Garden, went to dinner at Grandma Latimer's, sleep over with her sweet cousin Bergen, snuggles with her Uncle Christian, Grandma date with Grandma Smith, and a whole lot of love from the whole family. Happy Birthday sweet Savannah..We Love YOU!!